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UWK1003018 3-Collector Solar Water Heating Unit
UWK1003018 3-Collector Solar Water Heating Unit
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This is a full solar heating unit, including three thermal collectors, one pump, and one controller. Multiple-collector units can be used to heat larger water supplies. All of these parts can also be purchased individually on our products page.

The evacuated tube system uses extra-durable twin extra-durable borosilicate glass tubes to capture radiation from the sun's rays with the use of selective solar coating, and then to transfer the heat to attached water piping, providing hot water for any domestic or commercial use.

Unlike flat-plate collectors, evacuated tubes work in all weather and cloud conditions (as low as -40 °), because their superior vacuum design maximizes radiation retention and minimizes convection loss. 95% of the radiation that goes in cannot get out. The evacuated tubes are also easier to install, and can usually be placed conveniently along the roof of your house. It is the most reliable, simple, and inexpensive way to go solar.

The tubes are also easy to check and maintain. The outer tube is cold to the touch, even when the inner tube reaches temperatures of 304 °, and will visibly change color when the vacuum is not functioning properly.

Each collector includes 18 tubes and weighs a little over 100 lbs at about 7'x4'.

The controller allows you to monitor the tank's status, and manually alter water temperature and water filling. You can also program preset times for changes to the tank.
  • Power supply: 220V AC , power consumption:<5w
  • Auto self-check on start
  • Water temperature display
  • Water level display
  • Instant and/or preset water heating and water filling
  • Low water pressure protection automatically shuts off water feed at appropriate time
  • Automatic protection against pipe freezing
The pump is a cast-iron single-head pump with single phase motor. It runs at 1100-2200 r.p.m. with a manual 3-speed controller. It includes all washers and fittings plus manual.

Installation is currently only available in the North and South Carolina area. Please contact us for more information on installation services.
Price: $3,499.00

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