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About Us

Unlimited Watts is a nationwide supplier of evacuated tube solar water heating units and solar water heater accessories. We are dedicated to providing this product at a low cost and high quality, in order to make solar heating as viable an option to our customers as possible, because we think that solar power and other renewable energy sources are the most exciting and promising hope for our future.

We also seek to inform our visitors about the frequently confusing issues of global warming and climate change, and the various health and monetary benefits of our product, as well as other energy-efficient solutions that can change the world we live in to be cleaner and safer.

Currently, we offer installation services in the North Carolina and South Carolina areas, and we will be expanding these services to other states as soon as possible. We also offer instructions and support to those wishing to install units on their own.

We realize that "making the switch" to solar is a big lifestyle change, and we hope to fill this website with as many answers to your questions as possible, but don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions and concerns.
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